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Modern Dominican Food & Cocktails

About Us

Km1 is where time slows down. We are a Caribbean restaurant offering amazing cocktails and food. Here you can an order our carribean curry with roti all while having a proper daiquiri. We are perfect for a night out. Come enjoy our unique offerings and be surpised.

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Specialty Beverages

Our drink list features a selection inspired by everyday freshness with a Caribbean touch. Our liquid concoctions have been inspired by classic cocktails, showcasing seasonal ingredients and Caribbean flavors.

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El Papito 

El Papito is our take on the classic Manhattan. It is made with Rittenhouse rye, sweet Antica vermouth and our mamajuana wine. Mamajuana is a traditional Dominican drink usually made with rum and is aged for years. This drink has a long smooth finish with subtle notes of anise. It is served in a cognac glass to concentrate the aromas from the mamajuana.

Strawberry Milk

Strawberry milk was inspired to replicate the taste of strawberry milk but with booze. We reduce coconut milk and strawberries together. It is made with fresh squeezed lemon juice for acidity. We add a bit of housemade grenadine syrup. We use gin for its floral notes and a vodka to up the alcohol. Finally it is garnished with our homamade strawberry powder.

Guava Margarita

Guava margarita is our simple take on the classic margarita. We use fresh squeezed Lime Juice, 100% agave tequila and combier as all classic margaritas call for. Guava puree is added making this amazing cocktail. We rim the glass with our guava salt and is garnished with a classic lime wedge.

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58 East 1st Street

(646) 669-7547

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Opening Hours

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Monday - Sunday
5:00pm - 11:00pm